Shiny Flea Beetle (or “Gator Beetle”)

It is scientific tradition, when giving the Latin name of an organism, to follow it, in parentheses, with the name of its discoverer: hence, many Latin names are followed by, say, (Linnaeus), or even just (L), for Carolus Linnaeus, who named so many things. The shiny flea beetle, Asphaera lustrans, was formally named by George Robert Crotch, who has made many a species unintentionally hilarious, especially Hydrovatus hornii.

This individual is a little more red than most; the name “Gator Beetle” comes from the more orange-toned individuals appearing to be wearing University of Florida “Gators” colors. Bugguide describes the non-black parts as “coral colored”, but then provides this image as a reference. This one is a little more “coral colored”, but your mileage (and monitor settings) may vary.

I found this gorgeous thing hanging out on a dead snake plant (Dracaena trifasciata) leaf.

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