Spartocera fusca

This large and strikingly marked leaf-footed bug (family Coreidae) is Spartocera fusca. The lack of common name is pretty criminal for this strikingly marked orange and black species that’s almost 3 cm long.

S. fusca is native to “Mexico, the southwestern United States, and Florida”, because everything makes its way to Florida eventually. It eats plants, preferably American black nightshade (Solanum americanum), which means I need to expand my garden if I want to pick up a few more of these critters.

As nymphs, S. fusca are often confused with the giant sweet potato bug (S. batatas). The adults, however, are distinctive, with the adult sweet potato bug being entirely dark brownish or black, and S. fusca adults being orange and black.

This individual was identified via the kind people at iNaturalist.

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