Chrysopodes collaris (Lacewing)

This lovely little green lacewing is Chrysopodes collaris, no common name, local to coastal Texas and southern Florida down into Central America. (This describes 90% of species found in Florida….)

“The red lineations on the clypeus [above and between the mouthparts] are a highly unique trait among all Chrysopidae in our area”, according to bugguide. “Collaris” is from the Latin for “collared” but I don’t see anything that particularly resembles a collar/marking around the “neck”.

Alas, this species has Wikipedia stub syndrome bad — the genus doesn’t even have a page, although there seems to be a lot of scientific writing about its “male genital structures” for some reason.

This individual does have the most beautiful eyes, though:

Identified via the kind people at iNaturalist.

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