Buren’s Pyramid Ant

Another lovely insect whose descriptions online are just stubs of articles. The “remarks” on the Dorymyrmex bureni page on bugguide mention that this ant is not considered a nuisance species as it happens not to shoot formic acid (as do some formicine ants). What a ringing recommendation.

They’re brown, they like sandy areas, and they live in North America. A ground-dwelling ant, living in traditional colony nests with a single queen. They eat living insects, even other ants.

The name “pyramid ant” comes from the single spike, which I suppose might resemble a pyramid if you squint, in the center of its back. Multiple species have this feature; members of the genus are also sometimes called “cone ants”.

I am grateful to this lovely individual for holding still long enough to be in focus. Ants, which are generally extremely busy, don’t often do that. This one was drinking from a single drop of dew on the top of my garbage can, which held its attention just long enough.

This individual was identified via iNaturalist.

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