Acutalis tartarea (Treehopper)

This strange little beastie does not have a common name, alas, although I’ve seen it on Project Noah as “Black-veined treehopper”, which works.

It is notable for its bright green abdomen, black “painted” lines along the wing veins, partially clear wings, and a wide, dark brown “stripe” on the pronotum. The pattern of coloration varies widely between individuals, possibly dependent on age, sex, and even what host plant the hopper is feeding on. Originally scientists thought there were a lot more species than there actually were due to this color variation. It appears that at one point individuals with the coloration in my photos were thought to be part of a species called Aculatis brunnea, but at some point that species got subsumed into A. tartarea.

I’ve rotated a couple of these photos so it’s easier to see the hopper. Apparently this species prefers to eat while head-down!

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