Crinum Lily

This dazzling white and pink lily is probably Crinum zeylanicum, but, since it was found in a human-curated area (Lake Lotus Park, Altamonte Springs, FL), it may be any one of, or a hybrid of, a number of human-cultivated variations of the basic “Crinum lily”, including C. zeylanicum (its closest equivalent, visually) or others.

I am not a horticulturist and I absolutely lost count of the subspecies and variations of Crinum, so I welcome correction from any avenue.

Crinium zeylanicum, also known as the Ceylon swamplily or milk and wine lily, is a perennial flower in the Amaryllid family, with white, trumpet-shaped, six-petaled flowers with deep red longitudinal stripes. The plant itself originated in Asia, although some sources (erroneously) report it as being from Africa.

It’s used medicinally as a topical application for rheumatism. If eaten, it causes major digestive issues.

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