Oxalis Debilis

I originally took the plant this flower was on to be a clover, but now I am slightly smarter and know that plants in the genus Oxalis just happen to have triplet, round leaves that look like those of clover plants, and are not actually clover (Trifolium sp.) at all.

I can’t claim to be more than average at identifying plants (I mean, I can tell that this isn’t an orange, or a sunflower), so take my guess that this is Oxalis debilis with all the salt you can stand.

Oxalis debilis is also known as pink woodsorrel or large-flowered pinksorrel, and is a perennial plant/herb. Flowers, leaves, and roots are all edible. There has been concern that the oxalic acid in the plant can cause calcium deficiency in humans if consumed in large amounts, but studies show this fear is exaggerated. The leaves, theoretically (I did not partake) taste of lemon.

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