Collared Ground Cricket

I am somewhat nervous about this identification. The collared ground cricket (Neonemobius nr. mormonius) which is found in Florida may or may not be the same species as the geographically separate mormon ground cricket (Neonemobius mormonius), which lives in the western US.

All I can say is that this dainty little (probably juvenile) girl is a ground cricket, and she looks a lot like Neonemobius mormonius, or the suspiciously similar-looking crickets that live in Florida and may or may not be the same species. (I’m not sure what to do with Neonemobius near-mormonius. Is that the same species? A different species? A we-haven’t-done-the-research-yet placeholder?)

Here’s a link where you can hear the Florida version of this cricket sing.

I am bemused — when I image-search “tiny cricket Florida” (this individual was only about 7mm long), I get a surprising number of results for mole crickets, katydids, and, for some reason, lubber grasshoppers, and not a lot of actual crickets.

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