Rugosana Querci

Another no-common-name, no description on Wikipedia, nothing beyond “It’s a leafhopper”. I understand the problems involved with trying to do field research on an animal 1/4″ long, but it just seems sad that just about all I can say about this striking little insect is “It’s a leafhopper”. tells me it’s probably a second instar nymph, and when it grows up it will be bright green with red eyes, and green wings patterned like stained glass. It also says the Latin name means “roughened oak”, which doesn’t seem to describe the nymph or the adult; it may describe what they eat. My yard does have a couple big live oak trees.

Nymphs of leafhoppers in the Gyponini tribe (like this one) have “capitate setae” — hairs that enlarge toward the tip — and very long antennae.

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