Omolicna Joi

The identification here makes me nervous, since Omolicna joi was only recently discovered (2014) and the pattern on the wings on this little dude/ette really reminds me of the much more common citrus flatid planthopper, Metcalfa pruinosa. I always try to assume that I’ve found the more common/boring species, because who the hell am I to find a weird little bug in my backyard?

However, this individual is definitely missing M. pruinosa‘s extremely distinctive wing spots, and its “posture” and head construction is much, much more reminiscent of Omolicna joi. I think it’s much more likely that I have an O. joi here than that I have the world’s weirdest M. pruinosa (weird posture, no spots, wings not quite the right shape, etc).

Either way, this is definitely a planthopper (Fulgoroidea), perched on some “mother-in-law’s tongue” (Dracaena trifasciata or similar) in my backyard. It’s about 4mm long and was very tolerant of being repeatedly blinded my new macro flash.

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