Heppner’s Grass Tubeworm Moth

Trust me when I say that “little brown moth” is not a taxonomic rabbit hole you want to go down. This is Acrolophus heppneri, Heppner’s grass tubeworm moth, about 8mm long and with a whopping four whole sentences in its Wikipedia page. The weird little “cowlick” visible on its right side is apparently characteristic.

Brown Water Snake

Meet the brown water snake, Nerodia taxispilota, a semi-aquatic snake which lives all over the southeastern United States. It’s one of the most common snakes in Florida. Averaging 30-55 inches long, these snakes live in (as you might guess) watery habitats, including rivers, cypress stands, swamps, lakes, ponds and canals. They are excellent climbers and…

Southeastern Social Cobweb Spider

Meet Anelosimus studiosus, the southeastern social cobweb spider. This minuscule (7mm) speck on a car window turned out to be a member of one of only 23 social species out of approximately 38,000 known species of spiders. Their behavior varies by region, and in Florida they’re relatively rarely social, but in, say, Texas, you can…


These three juvenile beef cattle all wanted to know if cameras were edible.