African Rock Python

The largest known snake in Africa, this beautiful thing can get up to 25 feet long. Photo taken at the Brevard Zoo, Melbourne, FL.

Gopher Tortoise

The gopher tortoise is a protected species. They dig burrows which provide shelter for hundreds of other species of animals. I stayed out of his way! Photos taken at the Oakland Nature Preserve, Oakland, FL.

Greenhouse Frog

To get an idea of how big this frog isn’t, check out the dead bee over on the right side of the photo. This tiny frog is only about 20mm long!

Southern Toad

The Southern toad is an actual native Florida species, often confused with the invasive cane toad. It is smaller than the cane toad (about 90mm long) and can also be differentiated due to the two ridges on the tops of their heads, ending in big “knobs” behind the eyes. (Cane toads lack these ridges.) Southern…